Train with a wide range of realistic scenarios, our fully immersive simulators are so cutting-edge and lifelike that until now they’ve only been available to military and law enforcement agencies.

180° Simulators

180° Simulators

The latest in immersive, expanded simulation training. Our simulator projects up to 33’ wide and incorporates our 180 degree mobile screen system. No matter what your training objectives are, our system can accommodate them. The Virtual Marksmanship Mode has up to 12 lanes of fire and with a quick and easy adjustment you can switch to a 180 degree judgment scenario training in a completely immersive environment.

With the Gullwing configuration you simply close the sides to maximize your training objectives, from up to 33’ wide at the flat position to 180 degrees - the system stays completely calibrated and can be moved easily and instantly to seamlessly incorporate a vastly expanded array of virtual training options.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse has been overrun by the undead.

The infection is NOT contained to the abandoned warehouse, but currently deployed forces are in danger of being slaughtered.

The Center for Infectious Disease Control (C.I.D.C.) is seeking immediate assistance in containing the threat.

If you have what it takes, apply now for battle! You will be issued an IR AR-15 assault rifle or IR Sawed off 12 gauge shotgun to fight against the horde. The CI..D.C. believes there may be survivors, but has not been able to determine if they are infected or not.

Entertainment Shooting

Entertainment Shooting

Birthday Parties - Plan yours or your child's next birthday party with Safe & Secure. Bring some snacks and a birthday cake to enjoy in the party room!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties -Celberating the big day. Come and start your night with shooting zombies or blowing up exploding cans. This is a fun way to get your group together and blow off a little steam before your big day!

Corporate Events - Bring your employees! Our virtual shooting themes provide the perfect opportunity for team building exercises that are fun and enjoyable.

Family Fun Nights - Tired of bowling? Tired of board games? Do something new! Bring the family to enjoy this virtual shooting experience.

Entertainment Shooting

Our Gunfighter Simulator offers...

  • Skill Builders (15 Courses of Fire)
  • Steel Targets (2 Packs of 6 Varieties)
  • Paper Targets (4 Packs of Multiple Targets)
  • 6 Timed Outdoor Events
  • 7 Wild West Titles
  • Zombie Titles
  • 9 Game Pack: Balloon Safari, Bianchi Cup, Bottle Shoot, Hostage Targets, Dueling Tree, Carnival, Chaos City
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The GUNFIGHTER Simulator

Our Sport Simulator is the complete system offering a wide array of unique shooting scenes.

For example:

  • Blood-crazed zombies come to life and infest your town and it’s your job to go in and “take care” of them.
  • Draw your pistol in an old west fast-draw and protect the villagers against the local gang of bad guys.
  • Duck for cover as all hell breaks loose in a Hogan’s Alley shootout.
  • In addition, multiple scenes and branching outcomes keep shooters on their toes.
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Chaos City

The name says it all!  Bring friends you might need them to help you get out alive!


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Firing Line

Virtual marksmanship training is an effective supplemental tool which  allows for more frequent weapons training without the cost of live  ammunition. Thus a huge benefit of Firing Line is AFFORDABILITY.  Departments will specifically see cost savings in ammunition and  logistics. Frequent weapons training in the virtual environment allows  officers to practice weapon handling techniques.

With Firing Line you are able to run Courses of Fire in realistic  environments. The system allows for training using accurate weapons  ballistics with environmental effects such as wind, rain, snow and  light. You have the option of using pre-loaded standard Courses of Fire  or choose to design custom qualification courses with their own distance  and ammunition attributes. Using the Range Designer Tool the trainer can  create the visual look of the environment such as a desert or urban  backdrop. Firing Line offers flexibility in developing the technical  aspects as well as the visual look of virtual Marksmanship training  courses to emulate a real-world training course.




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