Church Security Team Training

An old rustic white church sits in the countryside with a steeple and cross on top
Church Risk Assessment

A Church assessment will be performed by one or more of our multiple licensed instructors and or law enforcement officers.  The assessment is created using current law enforcement concepts in emergency management and incorporates critical incident response protocols.  We are committed to providing churches with a relevant assessment that is tactically sound. We’ve taking all the guess work out church safety.

Worship should be Safe & Secure.  

Training for Places of Worship…Active Shooter Civilian Response Training

Safe & Secure has created a Place of Worship training program to:

  • Maximize Situational Awareness of congregants, staff, volunteers and leadership
  • Identify Threat Levels training and preparation to identify the correct level of threat
  • Respond to Threat by implementing and training in alignment for all levels of violent and non-violent intruder

Safe & Secure provides preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Safe & Secure force on force training will give you the training for handling a verity of threat levels, versus the traditional “lock-down only” approach.

A variety of factors may have an impact on your decision as a religious institution and leadership to create a security team.  You must ask yourself “How would our congregants react, survive and deal, if we came under attack from a violent intruder?” or “what about custody exchange gone wrong, an emotional disturbed person (EDP), drug or alcohol addicted person or unwanted person enter the church with hate in their eyes?”   Do we have a plan and who will handle this threat?

For places of worship, safety is assumed upon entering. Worrying about an active shooter is not among most people’s thoughts as they pass thru the doors. Because of this, church security teams has to be something that religious leaders take into consideration as the day to day operations of their churches are carried out.

Places of worship are highly visible in their communities.  Typically, places of worship are seen as a sanctuary or safe haven, but the reality of today is that places of worship are just as vulnerable to active shooter events as schools and businesses.  The threat level from zero to active shooter has a lot of risk that your security teams will need to handle or defuse.

Safe & Secure can offer on-site assessments and training to help you plan and prepare for a day we pray never comes.