LE Training

Police Training

Safe & Secure

Train with the best.

Safe & Secure provides law enforcement agencies with the  best virtual simulation training software in the industry—bar none. Combined  with our top-notch  scenarios , we can challenge and improve even  the most seasoned officers.

  • Most advanced decision-making and tactical virtual simulations
  • Significantly enhance marksmanship and situational awareness skills
  • Indoor, climate-controlled ranges
  • Low-light and strobe capabilities
  • Advanced targeting systems that are fully programmable to meet any firing needs
  • Recommended for patrol officers, SWAT, task force teams, in-service and recruit



Immersive Environment.

Split minute judgment scenario training in a completely immersive environment.Pre Loaded with 800+ Scenarios, new scenarios sent quarterly and we can Create Your Own Scenarios!


Preparational Training

While violence heightens police officers are preparing to face off with their own enemies - wanted drug dealers, suicidal gunmen, armed home invaders, and the like - through force-on-force training exercises designed to mentally prepare officers for stressful situations.

Deescalation, Taser O/C (pepper spray) and lethal force are all on the belt of the officer but being mentally prepared is the key to a safe and secure outcome.