Liability Waiver

Safe & Secure Training and Range LLC Liability Waiver



For and in consideration of the admission price and the permission to use the Safe & Secure training and range LLC. facilities you hereby agree to and acknowledge the following:

  1. That you have read this entire document and completely understand its contents. You also acknowledge that any questions about the content of this document or use of the premises and facilities have been answered by a representative of Safe & Secure training and range LLC.
  2. That you accept all responsibility for property damage to Safe & Secure training and range LLC.’ premises, facilities, Laser equipment, vending machines, and electronic games caused by your actions. You also understand that the term “Safe & Secure training and range LLC.’s premises and facilities” includes the building, all fixtures in and around it, the surrounding parking area and the equipment associated with it.
  3. That you acknowledge that the owners and operators of Safe & Secure training and range LLC., have employed diligent efforts and care in making the facilities and premises as safe as possible; and that despite the foregoing efforts, you understand that there are, nevertheless, certain inherent risks in using the facilities and premises. Among these risks are possible trips, falls, collisions and laser damage with other people or objects, etc. You specifically acknowledge the existence of these risks and agree to the use of the premises and facilities with the full understanding of the same.
  4. In compliant of FDA performance standards for laser products.
    1. DO NOT look into laser aperture or gun barrel, IR flashlight or IR OC spry.
    2. DO NOT aim firearm, IR flashlight, IR OC spry or laser at people or reflective objects.
  5. That if you or your property are injured while using the premises and facilities as a result of the inherent risks and dangers mentioned above, you agree to release, indemnify and hold SAFE & SECURE TRAINING AND RANGE LLC.., your employer or event sponsor harmless from any injuries or any expenses associated therein to the fullest extent as permitted by law.
  6. That you agree to obey all rules and regulations for the use of these facilities and premises, which are posted throughout the premises, and the directions, if any, given by Safe & Secure training and range LLC.’ representatives either before, during or after use of the same. You assume full responsibility for your actions.
  7. That you acknowledge if you are under the age of (16) years, that you have discussed the terms and conditions of this document with your parents, and that your parents, after reading this document, consent to you signing the same and, further, that you have been authorized by your parents to agree to the specific terms and conditions contained herein.
  8. Information collected on this acknowledgement and release form will not be shared or sold to any agency outside of Safe & Secure training and range LLC.
  9. I grant to Safe & Secure training and range LLC., its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my property while on Safe & Secure training and range LLC.’ premises. I authorize Safe & Secure training and range LLC., its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that Safe & Secure training and range LLC. may use such photographs of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, lustration, advertising, and Web Content.
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