Private Firearms Training

Private Firearms Training

Do you want to learn the basic fundamentals of a firearm, improve your accuracy, or learn more about defending yourself with your firearm? Safe & Secure offers private training that is designed to provide the very best  individualized instruction to help you achieve your training goals. A custom lesson is developed to your specific needs.  

Instruction Topics

  • Shooting Basics
  • Defensive Shooting 
  • Concealed Carry 
  • Self defense
  • Awareness and Avoidance
  • Specific Technique Focus
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Competition shooting
  • Create your own!

Pricing and Packages

1-on-1 Training (1hr session) = $99

1-on-1 Training (3 total, 1hr sessions) = $249

1-on-1 Training (5 total, 1hr sessions) = $399

*Suggested appointment date can not be guaranteed all appointments will need to be scheduled with the range.